What does it mean to be human

in the 21st century? 

Soon, machines will make ethical decisions for us. Soon, machines will have the ability to learn, reflect, pause, and even create moving artworks.

Soon, machines will be active participants in our ethical discussions and dilemmas. 


VR and Digital Artwork

These VR and digirtal artworks are an attempt to redefine poetry in the 21st century. How is one to think of, write, and conceptualize poetry in a virtual world? How is one to redeploy and recreate poetic worlds and experiences while not just adding words to a multimedia platform, nor changing the poetic experience so much that nothing remains? This is my attempt to explore these questions.


We now design ourselves; reorganize our relationship to technology, to the microcosm and the macrocosm; expand the realm of the living; and reconfigure our notions of individuality, of free will, of beauty. Technology is reshaping humanity.


What are humanities in a world where humans as we know it have disappeared? How can we redesign education?  Will we provide current and future generations with a higher education system multifaceted enough to allow them to thrive on this ever changing human/machine continent?