Yuval Noah Harari: Hacking Humanity

Harari argues that the biggest threats to our species now are not ultra-nationalism or disease. They are nuclear war, climate change and the convergence of artificial intelligence with biotechnology. That threat, he tells Paul Kennedy, is inside us.

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Ollivier Dyens
Créer des simulations avec des avatars intelligents

En fait, les zombies ne sont pas animés individuellement, ils sont des agents intelligents qui sont programmés avec une forme d'IA qui leur permet d'interagir. Contrairement aux zombies du film, chacun des zombies intelligents possède une ‘volonté’. Cela est possible car les programmeurs leur ont donné un ou des objectifs et un ensemble de règles. Puis une simulation est créée. Même les artistes MPC ne savent alors pas s'ils vont réussir car les zombies ‘agissent’ de façon autonome…

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What in the World Is Causing the Retail Meltdown of 2017?

People used to make several trips to a store before buying an expensive item like a couch. They would go once to browse options, again to narrow down their favorites, and again to finally pull the trigger on a blue velvet love seat. On each trip, they were likely to make lots of other small purchases as they wandered around. But today many consumers can do all their prep online, which means less ambling through shopping centers and less making incidental purchases at adjacent stores (“I’m tired, let’s go home … oh wait, there’s a DSW right there, I need new sneakers”).

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